How does a Refrigerator work?

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Earlier people used to do different techniques to preserve their food when the refrigerator was not invented. But now after the invention of the innovative machine named as the refrigerator, it has become easy and more healthy.

The refrigerator works in two ways first is timer control in which timer supply the current to Compressor then in within 24 hrs it supplies current to a heater to melt the ice in evaporator coil for 30 minutes or more depending on the capacity of the fridge. The other way is PCB circuit board control in which the same process is controlled by motherboard integrated circuit (IC).

Here are some important internal parts of the refrigerator:
1. Compressor
2. Condenser Coil
3. Cappelory Coil
4. Evaporator Coil
5. Heater

The compressor is the main component of the refrigerator which compress the refrigerant gas. Due to the high compression, the temperature of the gas gets rises which go to condenser coil to get into normal temperature and then it passes to the cappelory coil. This coil is attached to the evaporator coil with the extended size of coil (the refrigerant nature is when it passes from smaller size coil and expand to bigger size coil the temperature gets down suddenly to 0°C to -4°C or lower) from the evaporator coil huge amount of ice formation takes place. Near to the coil, small exhaust fan absorbs the colder air to supply to the freezer and refrigerator area. Now the colder gas returned to the compressor and help in cooling the internal components of the compressor and this cycle continues.

In this way the refrigerator works which is quite complicated and difficult to understand. That is the reason you need to contact the professionals for the Refrigerator Repair Services in Indore so that they will be able to detect the issue and provide the appropriate solution for this problem. If you take care of your fridge by doing regular cleaning and all then you will not require any repair services for the longer time.