Various Types of Refrigerant

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There are various types of refrigerant used as per the purpose of use. Selection of refrigerant for the following refrigeration applications:
1. Home Refrigerator
2. Ice production factory
3. Food preservation
4. Room air conditioner

1- Home Refrigerator

The most commonly used refrigerant in home Refrigerator is R-12, R-134 & R-610 are also used for this application
The factors which are considered in selecting refrigerant for home refrigeration are in operation.
B.can generate higher refrigerating effect with smallest compressor size.
C. Should be nontoxic and nonflammable.
D. Can work for the long duration.
E. Can work with all types of compressors.

2- Ice production factory

Ammonia is commonly used refrigerant in ice factories.
Factors which are favorable for ammonia to be used as a refrigerant in ice production factories are
A. Cheapest refrigerant.
B. Lowest running cost.
C. Smallest pipelines.
D. Leaks are easy to detect.
E. Largest latent heat per unit mass combined with smallest liquid density and low viscosity allow smaller liquid pumps.
F. Fire hazardous possibility is minimum with ammonia.

3- Food preserving

Commonly used refrigerants for food preservation are R-12, R-22, R-610. Liquid CO2 is also used for direct contact food preservation.
The factors which are considered for selecting refrigerant for food preservation are
A. Low in cost.
B. Non-toxic, so that does not spoil the food, when comes in direct contact.
C. Should be capable of producing low temperatures as quickly as possible.
D. Does not cause dehydration of food products and preserves their nutritious value.

4- Room air conditioner

The commonly used refrigerants in room air conditioner, requiring intermediate pressure and intermediate temperature range are R-12 & R-22.
The factors are considered for selecting refrigerant are
A. Should be non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.
B. Should have high Refrigeration capacity with low volumes.
C. Should have good oil miscibility.
D. Should be less costly.
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